The Cave was a Woman

​I didn’t realize that the cave was a woman until the next morning. I had slept between her legs in her velvet embrace, her bush beneath my feet. We lit a fire there, me and the cave. The heavens noted our union and shot their arrow, a meteorite, which was so close and direct that I could hear it being consumed in flame by the atmosphere. We were dusted then with celestial glitter. 
Another clue that the cave was a woman was the erect knob of a mountain across the lagoon. It was poised. 
The cave itself was about thirty feet deep with an open cleft ceiling for about half of that distance. It was large enough for me, my bike, and a fire but quickly narrowed in this inviting manner. I don’t know how to describe it in any other way other than to say that this cave was a woman. This being Mexico, I’m amazed that there’s not a shrine to Mary there already. But this cave wasn’t consecrated to some representation of some aspect of the goddess, it was a woman,and I slept in her embrace. 
I’ve gotten ahead of myself again. I’d camped below Santa Rosalia and had a morning with the road. Me, the desert, the bike, sore muscles, tiredness, saddle sores, it was that kind of morning. The road followed the sea but at some distance until Mulege. There were two hills, a small one and a giant. 
I met a road construction crew three quarters of the way up the big hill. They’d watched me ride the mountain and were just finished with that section when I got there. I stopped and we became friends. I told them my story from El Rosario and conveyed what it’s like for me to ride. They filled my water. I said that I was a writer writing about the people and that they were true people. 
Mulege was the prettiest town yet. A palm filled valley with a clear flowing river. I met two long distance cyclists on the edge of town. They’d just ridden the same route as me from Ensenada but were hitching now to Loreto to catch a flight home to Guadalajara.. They told me to go to Playa El Coyote because, “that’s where the cool people go”. They said it was twenty kilometers but it was actually farther. 
That’s when I found the cave. I could see it from the highway, across a beautiful lagoon with mangroves and birds and later, after the sunset and going on all night, something, many somethings like dolphins or manta rays were jumping in the lagoon. I thought I heard a dolphin laugh in the night. 
I woke up in the cave. I dreamt about a woman and it was on my mind so, opening my eyes to the legs of the mountain spread before me, I could easily see it. There was the meteorite too. The cave and I were star crossed but I had to ride on so we parted. 


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