Feeding the Genie

I met a djinn today. No mortal could ride the bike he was riding. It was the middle of nowhere. I almost rode past him but heard his voice, “comida”. When a djinn says they are hungry what do you do? Feed them. 
He was dressed in rags. Clear eyed but with a wildness about him. His bike was a twenty inch with no chain and two flat tires, each with the rubber tightly wired to the wheel. It was loaded with plastic bags full of mostly garbage. It was unrideable but he got there on it. 
I gave him an orange and ate one myself but I could see he was hungrier than that so I gathered rocks and told him to build a fire. While he gathered wood, I chopped dates into a pot, added his water, and put it on the fire to boil. I made oatmeal. Then, while he was eating that, I sliced an onion and a pepper and put them on the fire to cook while I prepared quesadillas. We both ate. 
We didn’t exchange many words. He only spoke Spanish but we both spoke sign language. I told him where to find water just down the road. I’d swam there on my way. Again, I didn’t realize what he was until I rode on but when I realized, I knew. A living breathing djinn.


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