I want a naked body and a naked soul.

Clothing keeps us so inside ourselves that it becomes hard to be real. I remember when I was just a boy. I walked way out into the country to a small fishing pond, stripped off my clothes, and played in the trees. It was there at age 12 that I had my first taste of freedom since I was newborn.

I didn’t find any other nudists until I was about 18. I went to a gathering and there were a few people who never wore clothes. One was an anti circumcision activist who stood naked with a sign decrying the practice. Everyone swam naked of course. It all seemed natural and unremarkable.

The next year, I happened upon a nude beach in Rhode Island. That was a little different. There were some “creepy” people there including a guy with some magazines and a bottle of mineral oil that he used on himself and any handsome young men who might have enjoyed the shade of his canopy. (yes)

I encountered nudists almost every year after that, usually at gatherings and hot springs. As always, it was just natural. It’s how we’re born of course.

Somewhere along the way though, I stopped going to the gatherings and except for an old friend I’d met years before at a hot springs north of Taos who showed up at my house and did nude yoga in the back yard, I didn’t meet any nudists for years. (the oldtimers on the mountain loved her for that and there was more traffic on the gravel road running past my house than I’d seen for years)

I’ve been back to gatherings again for the past several years and once again am comfortable in my skin. I camped at a nudist camp during summer solstice last year. It wasn’t a requirement that anyone take their clothes, I did, but we had many visitors who didn’t.

One of our non-nudist guests was a veteran with PTSD who eventually did take his clothes off. I ran into him elsewhere at the gathering a day or two after he did and he was just bubbly. He said that he was going to the nudist camp every day, stripping down, and that it was the most effective therapy he’d yet encountered.

The swimming hole at that gathering was beautiful too. Try to imagine forty or fifty naked people all splashing, playing, and diving in the water of a clear mountain stream while a three piece jazz fusion band played naked on the rocks. I think that will forever be one of my favorite memories.

I apologize for the length of this post, (although I anticipate you enjoying the read), and will close to say that this is my naked soul. I thank you for respecting me as I am that I might share it.


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  1. FofoFl'or says:

    something i should probably try once before i die, experience that kind of freedom!

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    1. pcflvly says:

      I hope that if you do, it’s at a safe and comfortable place like I found. Skinnydipping with a close friend counts too. I didn’t include an of those memories but there are some good ones. My friend Bobby and I stopped at a little swimming hole last summer. He’s from the Virgin Islands and hardly ever wears any clothes and I’m forward so I asked if anyone minded that we strip down. (there were about twenty people there drinking beer and playing music) Noone objected so we dropped our clothes and jumped in. Bobby and I came out of the water at the same time and when we did, Natasha, a beautiful 19 year old women, looked at us in awe and said, “You guys are beautiful!” We became fast friends 🙂

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      1. FofoFl'or says:

        wow!! i do have one particular friend in mind, and she already doesn’t like clothes, but its very sensitive in Africa and also my culture judges it so even when we are in bikinis some people think we are immoral! but its something she would love maybe we are going to do it from outside our country!

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    2. pcflvly says:

      Most of the experiences I mentioned were on public land at rainbow gatherings. These gatherings are held in remote forest reserves. Everyone is welcome and most people wear clothes like anywhere else but we all accept if someone decides to be naked. It’s an accepted custom in our tribe. This is simple nudism where a person can be free of clothing. It’s a very safe feeling. To feel safe with nothing. It’s about finding strength through vulnerability maybe. Imagine that you, a beautiful young woman, could be safe naked among other people with no fear of rape or objectification. Or for a man to be free of the need to objectify. That we could each just see and be beauty. It’s empowering and gives us strength and confidence. We can respect each other this deeply with clothes on too. Nudity is not required. By the way, the bikinis that you and your friend wear, men like something left to the imagination like that. Even that little bit of fabric is enough to entice thoughts, to want to see more. Nudity short circuits the whole program.

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      1. FofoFl'or says:

        finding strength through vulnerability there so much sense in that line, because i can’t help but feel vulnerable when am naked or half clothed, but i wish to feel the power in embracing that freedom and letting of my insecurities, many people associate those insecurities with the fact that women tend to be self conscious when they are overweight or simply have a little extra fat, or scars, my body doesn’t have any of that but i still feel vulnerable and maybe its about the way we were raised to feel like there is shame into being naked! also i have a friend of mine who i greatly appreciate, he likes admiring women beauty and their body without the need to see them as sexual objects i wish the world was a little fair on women like that!


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