In Motion


A short ride to the store, a multi week trip across a couple states, and soon, across continents, I’ve discovered that to be on a bike in motion is one of my greatest joys. Every ride, short or long, is some combination of pedaling, coasting if one is lucky, and at the very worst, pushing the bike.

Pedaling is a constant. There’s at least an expectation of it because even a down grade can seem like an uphill climb with a strong enough headwind. It’s a meditation. There’s resistance and lift in a continuous cycle passing from leg to leg. It’s less of a chore than a constant reminder of strength in motion.

Pushing the bike. Most roads are built at such a grade that on even the worst hill. a moderately strong bicyclist can cycle up in their lowest gear. There are those hills that are either too steep or those times when the legs are too tired and the only recourse is to get off and walk. It’s easier to ride a bike up a hill than to push it but when necessary, it’s an example of determination in motion.

Coasting is the best part. It’s true “riding”. To sit upon a bike and, in balance upon tires and spokes, let gravity have it’s way. This is not all I ride for but I always find a certain bliss in that descent. Coasting is serenity in motion.



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  1. pcflvly says:

    I wrote about riding, being in motion, and was quite literal about it. But as I wrote, I was thinking of the metaphors expressed that could apply to a life well lived. I think I have a great start to a much deeper story.


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