The Nahko show in Tulsa wasn’t just going to see a show. I’ve been to plenty of concerts. I even saw the Dead a dozen or so times back in the day. The Grateful Dead had the Deadheads. Nahko and Medicine for the People have the Medicine Tribe. It’s incredibly heartening to find a modern subculture so similar and in many ways, more evolved than the deadheads ever were. John Lennon said, “Imagine…

My journey started with a six day, heartbreak induced fast and hitchhike to Minnesota. My place of refuge was a lesbian commune in the Twin Cities. What a great place for a man to recover from heartbreak. I left with a different perspective on the divine feminine. That set the tone for much of the rest of the trip.

After I hitchhiked back to Iowa, I knew I had to leave again but not to escape, to heal. Instead of running away, I had a sense of going towards.

When I took my loaded bicycle for a test ride, I came across the Chakra Bus. They were some kids from California just passing through Iowa, their bus all painted in colorful representations of our energy bodies. It was a perfect omen for the trip and profoundly prescient.

The second and third days of this bike trip were two of the hardest days I ever faced but with a sweet interlude the night in between. Actually, that night is important to the story. This journey was also about healing and I gave one of those two girls a massage during which her back spontaneously aligned and popped along it’s whole length. Add in healing to the themes here, healing of self and others. Anyway, the wind was blowing a minimum of 20mph almost directly in my face but I pedaled on and was rewarded the fourth day with the most bucolic countryside and no traffic, just cowfields, forest, and beautiful weather for mile after mile.

Somewhere in the middle of this stretch and with my eyes wide open, I saw my chakras as if they were gems, large glowing gems, and I had this sense that they encode our essence into the light we emit. My eyes were wide open and I was riding, paying attention to the road. I remember the moment from a vantage point. I didn’t feel it like that then, but always later saw myself from well above.

The vision informed me along the lines of what I had been thinking about light. We eat light, it fuels our bodily processes, and we use it to make our own light. We are stars emitting light at 186,000 miles per second and each bit of light we emit is quantum entangled with it’s source, us. Our lights mingle and we meet before we meet. If we’re receptive we know each other. My conclusion was that we have an essential unity and a direct link between all our different aspects. This is part of the message that I later shared with Nahko.

I started spreading that message then, even to right wing Christians, who in that part of Missouri are armed to the teeth and convinced that terrorists are planning to invade their homes tomorrow. Fearful people. Love transforms fear though and with love, I found heart connection even with them.

One in particular, a thirty something woman, married to a Missouri State Trooper. She was kind, but fearful. She made me some sandwiches. She told me later that she had a gun at her side ready the whole time to blow me away and there were a couple of times in the conversation where she considered doing it. I liked her though. The whiskey on her breath and the way she was drunk reminded me of a long ago girlfriend. Nahko says,

“I got my orders and I’ma follow them.
You can find me kicking back inside the lion’s den
Making friends and amends with some evil men
Gonna break them in and inject them with the medicine.”

This whole time I was in contact with a virtual friend. We’d never met but her screenname was that of two Egyptian goddesses and to me, she was the goddess. At each stage of the journey I would send her a message, “Oh great Goddess, grant me your presence on this stage of the journey.” and she would reply, “granted”.

I got to Columbia on the sixth day and that night found that my friends were loading up their bus and heading out the next morning for the Nahko show. They were a hundred miles away and there was no way I could get there in time bicycling. It was some kind of magic though that had a local bicyclist welcome me into his home and then to give me a ride to where I could catch the bus.

Later, I felt like I had pedaled my ass off to catch that bus. I immediately felt at home though. There were eight of my best friends and two new ones. Four dogs too including my own who had ridden with me on the bike. All passengers aboard, we rolled off down the freeway towards Oklahoma dancing to the Grateful Dead.

We spent several days at a rainbow gathering where we met some tribe from Tulsa who later warmly welcomed us to the city. Imagine getting off the pirate bus in an obscure corner of downtown Tulsa, walking up around the corner, and finding family strolling down the sidewalk with a guitar singing, “I belong to you, you belong to me, in my sweet heart”. Love was manifesting.

Later, I went off by myself to see what the city was really like. I looked for the homeless and found out where the free meal was. It was a parking lot feed and I got there before the church van arrived with the food. The people waiting were a diverse cross section of the least fortunate people in the city. Blacks, mentally handicapped, Juggalos, elderly, physically handicapped, among many others.

I shared tobacco with a few people and sat down to smoke and wait with a friendly old timer. Then Paul rolled up. He was crippled and had had a hard life. He’d spent most of his adult life in prison. He told me his one good memory and I decided to give him another and offered him a healing massage.

Of all the people I massaged that trip, he really got into it. He was touch starved of course. I worked his back and shoulders and neck and arms down to his crippled fingers. He moaned the whole time. My little dog Pippy was sitting on his lap. Soon the meal arrived and I wheeled him around helping him get his food. It was not good food. The ripe mulberries on the trees surrounding the lot were better and several people picked them instead of eating the bland church food.

I left the feed well infused with joy though and when I saw a couple hoopers down the street, I raised my arms and yelled, “yeah, hoopers”. They waited for me and we became fast friends, Krista and Janae. We met another group of hoopers on our way to the show. We all stood in a circle and I became aware of the Goddess energy real distinctly there when one of the sisters from the bus walked up on us. Somehow her presense made it visible.

It was even more manifest at the venue. It was outdoor and there weren’t many people there yet. I went right to the front and as soon as I got there, This beautiful young sister turned to me, wrapped her arms around me, and blissfully said, “I’m going to Nahko’s hotel later.” She’d released me from the hug by then and I said, “If you’re going to his room later, give him a hug for me too.” and returned her hug.

I stayed near her and Krista and Janae for most of the show although I joined a snake dance through the crowd. Activating Tulsa. It was led by the brother who had serenaded us when we arrived in the city. There was also the sweet woman dancing near us who volunteered her husband to sit with my dog so I could dance more freely.

It was near the end of the concert when Krista turned around glowing with love. She smiled a smile bright with universal love, reached out, and touched my heart. Her fingertips were on my chest but her touch was to my heart. Does the universe love you? I know it does me because I could feel it in that touch.

It was with this energy, and with all the energy from this fantastic journey manifesting abundantly around me, that I saw Nahko out greeting people. I selected a gift for him. I’d made a hundred pendants that winter and during this whole journey, had been giving them to people I met. I had wanted to meet him ever since the show at Shangri La last year. I mean, I felt it in my heart that I needed to meet him.

With a gift in hand and my dog at my side, I approached him. Nahko took my hand then, looked into my eyes, and listened. My message was strong and about the light and about how we know each other before we meet in the flesh. I knew what I had to say and it rolled off my tongue easily. I’ve met many people and Nahko listens with his whole heart. It’s very rare to be so deeply heard.

This was the journey to meet Nahko. I hope I conveyed the power, love, and magic which manifested along the way. Many other things happened but I tried to keep it brief. The voyage home is part of the story too but this ultimately isn’t about me. It’s written to illustrate the concept that “we are part of something special.”


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