Tour notes: August 2015

There’s a little bridge over a pretty creek midway between Lincoln and Beatrice, Nebraska on the Homesteaders Trail, a fifty mile long multi-use trail between the two cities.

I stopped there and rested for most of three hours. There were no other people on the trail, my only company was the small dog that travels with me. I opened a beer that I’d purchased in the previous town and got out my journal to write.

While writing I found myself immersed in a rich auditory landscape. There were insects chirping, frogs croaking, the burble of the creek, and leaves rustling occasionally in a light breeze. There were several woodpeckers pecking, each with it’s own rhythm, and other birds singing. Off in the distance, I could just barely hear some children playing in a yard.

This was serenity. Nothing happened. There are no events to write of. It was a cool place in the shade on a very hot day. That’s all and nothing at all but perhaps everything that I made the trip for.


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