Travels with the Goddess

I traveled with the Goddess on my last bicycle tour. She manifested everywhere. The voyage was launched in a magical ceremony performed by a witch of the highest order. She circled me in ashes from a blessed fire and invoked the four directions.

I was doubly blessed when starting the trip to encounter two young Goddesses traveling in a colorfully painted bus which they called the chakra bus. They too blessed me on my journey.

I also traveled with a virtual companion, a Goddess named Dian Isis. It was simply a screen name for an unmet friend but I would entreat her, “Oh great goddess Dian Isis. Please grant me your presence on this next stage of my journey.”

She would always reply, “Granted”

I looked at these experiences as reminders to recognize and honor a gentleness inside myself. These were lessons presented to me. I didn’t go out and say, “I’m going to find the Goddess.” She came to me.

Man, in general, is oblivious to his own feminity. I explore these ideas in my art. I made a collage recently called, “Shaking the Cardinal”. The woman on the right is the goddess. She is watching a man overcome his repression to express his divine feminine. The man is all three of the other figures. He is the Cardinal, the one shaking himself, and the divine feminine below him.


There is an ape in the background representing the primal, and ancient Egyptians below to represent knowledge. In addition, there’s a progression from ape, to ape like, to apish, all in a deep green home. Taken all together, we have an image of becoming the green man. The evolved Green Man archetype honors his masculinity and is able to do so because he’s awakened the divine feminine within himself.

Meanwhile, the Goddess looks on, well pleased that man should find himself.


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